Monza, the capital of Brianza, is a modern city. Its charm comes from the juxtaposition of its historical patrimony and the landscape, characterised by the river Lambro. The beauty of its monuments is best seen in the cathedral, dedicated to John the Baptist by the Lombard queen Theodolinda. The Cathedral Museum and Treasury, recently enlarged and renovated, is not to be missed, as well as the Arengario, the historic town hall built in 1293. Just outside the city centre stands the extraordinary spectacle of the Villa Reale, a neoclassical palace built by Piermarini and historic residence of the Habsburgs of Este.

Beside the Villa lie the Gardens and Monza Park, a precious green space in the middle of the area north of Milan. With its 750 hectares of land, the Park is one of the largest protected natural areas in Europe. The river Lambro, a tributary of the Po, flows through the Park, narrowing at times into rivulets and waterfalls and then broadening into calm lakes. Obviously, a tour of Monza would not be complete without mentioning sport and the world of motor racing. The Park features the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, a racetrack which plays host to many motor racing events throughout the year, and which enjoys international fame thanks to the Italian Grand Prix, organised here by the Milan Automobile Association almost without interruption since 1922.