The hills and fields of Brianza are to be found in Lombardy, to the north of Milan, in the triangle of land between the Lombard cities of Monza, Como and Lecco.
It is one of the richest and most industrialised areas in all Europe.

The area’s landscape is best known for its lakes and mountains, but its hills and plains are also of interest.

Brianza is well-known for its values of industry and hard work; the high density of small and medium size factories and workshops make it a unique place, rich with opportunities for development.

A large part of this region is made up of what was once essentially farmland, and which today is characterised by a dense network of factories and offices. This is not to say that agriculture has entirely disappeared; there are large areas of farmland still intact, landscapes which roll down from the hills to the banks of the river Adda, and which are flanked by nature reserves and small lakes.